Aktuelle Forschungsprojekte

Skill Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch
Anthropology of skill
Aug 2008 to Dec 2025
Liaoning rural material culture
Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch / Thomas Kaiser
Giancarlo Danuser

Liaoning rural material culture, 1980-1995
Aug 2010 to Jul 2016
Dayak in Nordostborneo. Foto: Wolfgang Leupold, um 1923
Zoo (JPG, 514 KB)

Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch / Rebekka Sutter / Dr. Ingo Nentwig †

Chase and Game – Hunting and Gathering in Transition

Jun 2014 to May 2017

Guangxi Nationalities University

Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch / Dr. Ingo Nentwig †

Guangxi Anthropology – A Case of Modern Local Chinese Anthropology

Aug 2010 to Dec 2017

Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch / Dr. Ingo Nentwig †
Dr. Marc Winter / Susanne Maner

Cai Yuanpei specialised library for the cultural anthropology of China
Aug 2008 to Jan 2025
Four girls carrying water in India. Foto: Tom Maisey 2006

Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch / Prof. Dr. Francesca Bray /
Dr. Lyn Schumaker

Toilet Innovations – Social-anthropological and historical aspects of a universal need, its technologies, social impacts and trajectories of local and global modernisation

Aug 2015 to Aug 2020

Potters work

Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch / Annette Mertens / Christof Thurnherr

Doing the potters work in a squatting body posture – Dimensions of a body technique

Aug 2008 to Dec 2018

Dr. Thomas Laely
National Museums and Museology in Africa. Exhibiting in and on Africa South of the Sahara.
Jan 2012 to Jun 2019

Dr. Martina Wernsdörfer

Peter Aufschnaiter and Heinrich Harrer – A Comparative Ethnological Analysis

Sep 2012 to Decr 2018

Dr. Martina Wernsdörfer

Ofuda – On the Biography of Japanese prints used by pilgrims

May 2012 to Decr 2016

Dr. Maike Powroznik

Aufarbeitung der Mola-Textiliensammlung der Guna in Panama

The Mola Textile Collection, Guna, Panama

Jul 2014 to May 2016
Schalenuntersatz der Maroons, Surinam, Inv.-Nr. 27918

Dr. Maike Powroznik

Die Surinam- und Alto Xingu-Sammlung von Heinrich Harrer am Völkerkundemuseum der Universität Zürich

The Suriname and Alto Xingu Collection of Heinrich Harrer at the Ethnographic Museum of the University of Zurich

Sep 2014 to Sep 2018
Andreas Isler
Representations of dervishes in early Western accounts
Mar 2007 to Oct 2017
Kalamkari. Tempeltuch aus Sikkinaickenpet, Tamil Nadu, frühes 20. Jahrhundert, 269 x 252 cm, Inv.-Nr.: 7197
Zoo (JPG, 804 KB)

Andreas Isler / Dr. Paola von Wyss-Giacosa

Kalamkari – Erzählstoff aus Indien

Kalamkari – Myth and Cloth from India

Jan 2015 to Feb 2017
Kinder im Augenblick. Ausstellungsplakat von Moana Bischof, Julia Weiss, juliaweiss.ch

Michèle Dick

Kinder im Fokus – Florence Weiss’ Fotografien aus dem Sepik (1972-1974)

Focus on Children – Florence Weiss’ Photographs from the Sepik (1972-1974)

May 2014 to Jun 2018
Buddha Vesanthara

Thomas Kaiser / Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch

Die Höchste Gabe

The Crowning Gift

Sep 2014 to May 2017

Thomas Kaiser

Audio documents as artefacs? About the necessity of complementing ethnographic collections with immaterial heritage

Jan 2013 to Dec 2017


Rebekka Sutter / Prof. Dr. Mareile Flitsch

Tilling with Knives and Planting with Fire: Socio-technical Transformations and Senses of Place of Steep-slope Cultivation Communities in Yunnan (PR of China) in Times of Climate Change

Dec 2015 to Dec 2018



Katharina W. Haslwanter

Dutch New Guinea in flux: colonialism and cultural change, material culture and
representation through the prism of Heinrich Harrer’s 1962 expedition

Sep 2012 to Dez 2016

Successful aging

Francesca Rickli

Successful ageing – for all? An Anthropological Study on the Understanding of Excluding Aged People with Disabilities from Positive Ageing Paradigms

Sep 2014 to Jul 2017

Christof Thurnherr
The Working Body in Ethnographic Film
May 2009 to Dec 2018
Gitte Beckmann / Herbert Muyinda / David Kyaddondo
Disability and Technology in Uganda from Local and Global Perspectives
Aug 2010 to Dez 2017
Gitte Beckmann
Competent Citizens: Transitions of Deaf Persons in Northern Uganda
Jun 2009 to Jul 2016
Members of a grassroots disabled people's organization in Kampala. Foto: Raphael Schwere, 2011.

Marie Schuler

Disability, Displacement, and Technology - Unfolding Dynamics of Vulnerability Categories among People with Physical Disabilities in Kyangwali Refugee Settlement, Uganda

Feb 2014 to Feb 2017
Lena Kaufmann
Skills in migration: Everyday life strategies of Chinese rice farmers
Feb 2012 to Feb 2018
Urs Andreas Wickli
The „Ethnologisches Museum Berlin“ on the way into the „Humboldt-Forum Berlin“
Oct 2012 to Oct 2017