Raphael Schwere

Raphael Schwere, M.A.

Doctoral Researcher


(updated 16 July 2022)

Fields of research

Human-animal studies (ethnocamelology), material culture, practical knowledge, anthropology of food, disability studies, museology, East Africa (Somaliland and Uganda in particular)


Olfactory Anthropology, Anthropology of Meat, Animal Labour, Doing Ethnography, Mensch-Tier-Beziehungen, Regionalmodul Afrika: Ethnologische Somali Studies, Qualitative Research Methods Short Courses, Ethnologiekolloquium, Fachgeschichte Ethnologie, Disability & Technology field school, Einführung in die Ethnologie: Monographieübung, Einführung in die Ethnologie: Methodenübung, Einführung in die ethnologischen Disability Studies, Praxismodul Praktische Ethnologische Arbeit




Schwere, Raphael. 2015. “Appropriation of Assistive Technology for People with Mobility Disabilities in Kampala along an Itinerary of Socio-Technical Transformations.” Master’s thesis, Zurich: University of Zurich.

Schwere, Raphael. 2012. “Third Legs and Embodied Tricycles: People with Mobility Disabilities’ Experiences with Assistive Technologies in Kampala, Uganda.” Bachelor’s Thesis, Zurich: University of Zurich.

Media and newsletters

Schwere, Raphael. 2022. ‘Horse Power=W⁄t= ?’. Theater Gessnerallee (website). 6 January 2022. https://www.gessnerallee.ch/de/schedule/cycle/951/Zyklus_8.

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Grigo, Jacqueline, Marc Meyer, and Raphael Schwere. 2019. ‘Exhibition on Wheels: Mobile Dairy Museum Tours Uganda’. UZH News (blog). 1 April 2019. https://www.news.uzh.ch/en/articles/2019/Milch-Museum-Uganda.html.

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