Look into the museum


The library of the Ethnographic Museum is a special scientific library open to the public. The thematic and regional faculties represented by the collected materials, research and teaching of the museum are found on the library shelves.

Special emphasis can be found within this context, for instance in terms of monographical sources on various religions, specific native-American and African provenance as well as the Himalaya region; magical and occultical concepts, religious Hindu customs, history, philosophy symbolism and Buddhist codes of practice, syncretic religious movements, furthermore ethno-historical sources and ergological and cultural-historical scientific literature in the area of the crafts.

A new emphasis of the library is the collection concerning the ethnology of China, which in the long-term will become its own specialized library – consisting mostly of scientific literature in Chinese language including literature in the language of all 56 ethnic groups in China.

Yet the library goes beyond these thematics in several subject areas, including a section on museology, a group of selected popular scientific literature and special work and study books for school groups.