Ethnographic Museum at the University of Zurich


Information on events can be found on the current museum program, website, or press release. We offer tours of the exhibitions as well as supplemental events. Special tours for private persons or groups can be arranged separately.

The Ethnographic Museum arranges loose series of public lectures during which positions are taken on current topics of the time from an ethnological perspective or interests of the public addressed. Current series are:

  • Textile development aid projects in Asia
  • Thursday cinema: current topics of the time
  • The ethnology of China
  • Ethnological music research
  • In Search of Clues: Workshop Talks Concerning Ethnology in Zurich (starting Fall 2011)

At events such as the Long Night of the Museums we participate with tours and workshops on our exhibitions, with concerts and ethnic-culinary offers. We frequently have guest lecturers who present their publication or current research. During public seminars it is possible to get a taste of our scientific work.