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Workspace Series – 5 Questions on the Collections

Where do our collections come from? What stories are attached to them? What expertise is contained in the objects?  What human encounters do they bear witness to? And what is the significance of the collections today? With the exhibition series "Five Questions on the Collections", we are currently thinking of the museum as an open workspace – a space for collaborative exploration and research. In doing this we are making our museum work visible and inviting people to look at the collections and objects from ever new perspectives.

The exhibition “Honeymoon?” kicked off the series; in the meantime, the second exhibition “Business Idea?” has also opened. In early March 2023, the third work space series exhibition “Looted Goods?” followed. From July 2023, we will present the fourth exhibition “Mask Dances?”. In November 2023, a last work space series exhibition will conclude the series.

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